Join Chris, Victoria, and Will as they talk about Rocket League, Destiny, PS4 Go, Fallout 4, Super Mario Go, Mass Effect, find ways to talk about movies, and show that maybe their game knowledge is slightly off.

Link Dump

Independence Day: Resurgence –
Rocket League Rumble –
Destiny: Rise of Iron –
PS4 Pro –
Ctrl+Alt+Del, The Console War of 2013 –
PS4 Pro doesn’t have 4K –
No Fallout 4 mods of PS4 –
Super Mario Run –
Nintendo NX at Tokyo Game Show –
Pokemon Go buddy system –
Mass Effect: Andromeda 4K Gameplay –
Mass Effect: Andromeda Novels –
Machinima Gamer Poop –
Bioware Contest –

Slightly Off Podcast #7: Games, Systems, and Games