Gather around the campfire on the night before E3 and let Victoria, Will, Chris and the return of one of our special guests, Sergio, tell you what they expect from E3 this year. On this edition of Slightly Off, enjoy the “experts” talk about video games, entertainment, but mostly their thoughts on E3 this year. You will laugh, cry, and maybe finally learn something from this podcast. Enjoy!

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E3 –
RTFL Twitchathon –
E3 2017 Conference Schedule –
Starwars Battlefront II –
Project Scorpio –
Death Stranding will not be at E3 –
Spider-Man PS4 –
Far cry 5 –
Assassin’s Creed Origins –
Bethesda Land –
Nintendo Direct –
Nintendo Switch Headset Chat –

Slightly Off Podcast #16: PrE3 Predictions
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