It’s February 15th and there is nothing to talk about in the video game indus…….just kidding the Switch is about to released…OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Join Victoria, Will, and Chris as they discuss the Switch, Zelda (the only real game coming to the Switch), the media’s portrayal of video games and those that play them, and we talk about upcoming releases while we drone around. See, we were able to sort of put the title into our description. Make sure you go to Emily Fitch’s page and support what she does! She is A-Mei-zing! (had to use the Overwatch pun) (Side note: not sure if she likes Overwatch) (If she does like it then she is A-Mei-Zing-er)

Link Dump

Emily Fitch Music –
Nintendo Switch Presentation –
Bad Jurassic Park Theme Cover –
Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild –
1-2-Switch –
Nintendo Switch Launch Titles:
“Elementary” Rekt In Real Life –
CyberDriver Trailer –
Metal Gear Porn Parody Article (safe) –
Skyrim Fail –
RT Florida Extra Life Gang Beasts Fail –
#WhatKids –
For Honor –
Ghost Recon: Wildlands –
Final Fantasy XV Patch and DLC Release Dates –

Slightly Off Podcast #12: Dronin’ Around
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