Category: Slightly Off Podcast

Slightly Off Podcast #10: Tis the Season for Video Games

Join Victoria, Will, Chris, and special guest Jake as they talk about their adventurous stories of Black Friday game shopping *spoiler* they used the internet, Titanfall 2, Dishonored 2, Final Fantasy XV, Game of the Year Civilization VI, Pokemon Go, Holiday event in Destiny and Overwatch, and end on talking about the Nintendo Switch. Happy Holidays and enjoy the show!

Slightly Off Podcast #9: Too Many Remakes?

Welcome to another slightly game centered podcast! Join Victoria, Will, Chris, and special guest David as the talk about Extra Life, Mass Effect, and all of these game remakes that our flooding our market!

Slightly Off Podcast #8: Halloween and Trailers

Huddle up next to your ole speaker system and eat some of the massive amounts of Halloween candy you have just received (don’t lie to us, we know you went Trick-or-Treating as an adult! Bravo!). Join Chris, Will, and Victoria as they talk all that matter in the gaming world this week like Destiny, Overwatch, Nintendo Switch, and Red Dead Redemption 2.

Slightly Off Podcast #7: Games, Systems, and Games

Join Chris, Victoria, and Will as they talk about Rocket League, Destiny, PS4 Go, Fallout 4, Super Mario Go, Mass Effect, find ways to talk about movies, and show that maybe their game knowledge is slightly off.

Slightly Off Podcast #6: Pokemon Go and RTX fun

Join Victoria, Will, Chris, and special guest Savannah as they talk about the hype that is Pokemon Go, Inside, RTX, and hedgehogs.

Slightly Off Podcast #5: Post E3 Thoughts and RTX

Join Victoria, Will, Chris, and special guest Danny (who is making his one and only guest appearance on this podcast)as we talk about who won E3, Will going into his Nintendo corner, and how hyped we are about RTX.

Slightly Off Podcast #4.5 Pre-E3 thoughts

Join Victoria, Will, Chris and special guest Sergio, again, as we talk about E3, free Fallout 4, and who we think will win E3.

Slightly Off Podcast #4: Overwatch, Overwatch, Overwatch

Join Victoria, Will, Chris, and special guest Sergio as we talk more about Overwatch because you definitely weren’t tired of us talking about it for the previous 3 episodes. We also talk about how Overwatch is better at telling a story than vanilla Destiny, RTX, how to be a jerk to a friend, Fallout 4 mods problems, and quickly mention Homefront (the most disappointing game of the year).

Slightly Off Podcast #3: Call of Duty vs Battlefront and Overwatch

Join Chris, Will and special guest Victoria as they talk about Call of Duty vs Battlefront, Overwatch Beta, getting hyped for E3, Million Dollars But…., and a few thing going on within the RT Florida community on this episode. Oh, and a few other things that aren’t important enough to mention on this description.

Slightly Off Podcast #2: Nintendo NX

Join Chris and Will as they talk about Order of Ten, Nintendo NX, Call of Duty, and RTX.