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Slightly Off Podcast #19: The Unbearable D&D Excursion

We reached our stretch goal during last years Extra Life charity stream so now we’ve gone on a journey into the land of D&D to bring you this… mess. Enjoy!

Slightly Off Podcast #19: The Advice Episode

It’s time for one of our Extra Life stretch goal podcasts! Join us for this very special, one-off episode as we offer advice to the members of the RT community.

Slightly Off Podcast #18: RX Vega Fail

Hey, we made another podcast, finally. Join Victoria, Will, and Chris as they discuss the Bioware Shake-up, the announcing fail of the AMD RX Vega, Splatoon 2, and being hyped about Destiny 2. Side note, the announcement of no more support for Mass Effect’s single player came out after this was recorded.

Slightly Off Podcast #17: E3 2016 Recap Play in new windowSubscribe: Android | Google Podcasts | RSSGrab a nice cold beverage, a snack, sit down and buckle up because this is a long podcast. Join Victoria, Will, Chris and special guest, Ricky, as they remember what in the world happened during E3 this year. Who won? What surprised you? What game…
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Slightly Off Podcast #16: PrE3 Predictions Play in new windowSubscribe: Android | Google Podcasts | RSSGather around the campfire on the night before E3 and let Victoria, Will, Chris and the return of one of our special guests, Sergio, tell you what they expect from E3 this year. On this edition of Slightly Off, enjoy the “experts” talk about video…
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Slightly Off Podcast #15: Bugs, Patches, and Switch Sales Play in new windowSubscribe: Android | Google Podcasts | RSSListen to Chris, Will, and Victoria in their usual state of fighting about video games and their counterparts. Will’s Nintendo Corner is back with some ridiculous statistics. They finally discuss Mass Effect: Andromeda (including all it’s bugs), argue about whether Destiny 2 will be worth the pre-order,…
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Slightly Off Podcast #14: Treat YO’ Self

Where do we even begin with this episode? We’re sorry? Listeners have asked for a drunk episode and well it happened. Sorry! Other than the Switch we don’t mention too much about video games, but we do have a fun overall podcast. We’re sorry!

Slightly Off Podcast #13: Switchin’ It Up!

Great games are finally hitting the market! Yay!!!!! Join Victoria, Will, and Chris as they talk games and stuff. You lucky listeners get to hear Will finally have dream his realized during this podcast as he talks about the Switch and Zelda.

Slightly Off Podcast #12: Dronin’ Around

It’s February 15th and there is nothing to talk about in the video game indus…….just kidding the Switch is about to released…OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Join Victoria, Will, and Chris as they discuss the Switch, Zelda (the only real game coming to the Switch), the media’s portrayal of video games and those that play them, and we talk about upcoming releases while we drone around.

Slightly Off Podcast #11: The 2016 Video Game Award Show

Celebrate the beginning of 2017 with a lovely award show dedicated to all of the “good” games that came out in 2016, sorry The Division. Join Victoria, Will, and Chris as they discuss the winners of every single category of this very important and legitimate award show.