About Us

RT Florida is a community-run group where fans of the company Rooster Teeth are able to come together with a common interest. As the name suggests, each of these fans hail from the same state, Florida. Together we host meet ups in multiple cities, game sessions held through various consoles, and with the support of Rooster Teeth, state-wide events for fans everywhere. The people are what make this group possible so it revolves entirely around them, what they do, and what they make. RT Florida loves showing off what its members are capable of because, let’s be honest, without them we wouldn’t exist.


A Brief History

RT Florida was established as an active community in 2015. It started as two, very incomplete groups struggling to keep its members active and group alive. After some time, and an RT site update later, the current group was born, starting with a meet up on December 13th, 2015. This became the official anniversary date for the group, marking us as an official group with lots of growth to look forward to in the future.


The Man Behind the Hashtag

If you’ve been on our Twitter page, then you’ve probably seen the occasional comical post or two about nothing related to RT Florida at all. The creator of these posts is none other than our head of social media, a man made of pure chaos itself, Chris. If you want something written that is oozing in whit and sarcasm, he’s your man. Just wait until you see him start to interact with the other Rooster Teeth community groups. That’s when things really get going.


The Community

The reason this group even exists- the community. It’s the best part of RT Florida. Fans connecting with fans, making new friends, and sharing fun. We get along and that’s what makes us great, because no matter what, we always have at least one thing in common; Rooster Teeth. And that’s what our community is all about! Members of the community have even helped by contributing their talents to make the group better as a whole, hosting events on their own in areas we aren’t normally able to reach, getting together at larger events to make them more fun, and just making the community that much better. They’re the best people in the world!