A group for Rooster Teeth fans living in the Sunshine State.


There’s nothing like getting together with friends around the city and having fun. Even for new people, you’ll find it’s a blast meeting up with people of common interest!


Rooster Teeth hosts pleanty of events; RWBY screenings, Let’s Play Live, RTX. We aim to improve these by introducing a community aspect to them by working with RT.


Who doesn’t like to play video games? Know what makes them more fun? A group to play them with! And that’s exactly what we’re here for on multiple consoles.


Where would we be without the community? They make up all the best parts of this group and make this a fun place to be!

Check us out on Rooster Teeth!

Meet Ups

RT Florida as a community group will host meet ups in various cities for people who are interested in attending. Consider joining our next one!


As a community group, we will occasionally product content from time to time. This can be a gaming video, podcast, charity event, or live stream. We do all of it for fun (and maybe to show off a bit), but mostly for fun!

Community Videos

We do a lot as a community, and we like to show it off. Check out our community videos to see what we get up to.

Community Videos

Once every blue moon we’ll put out a new episode of this little show called Slightly Off Podcast. Check it out!

Newest Episode!
Live Streams

With our regular game nights, we’ll stream them for members who aren’t able to join and interact in the chat

Twitch Channel
Extra Life Events

We started raising money as a group in 2016 and haven’t looked back since. #ForTheKids

Extra Life Clips

Meet the Admins

RT Florida mostly runs autonomously, but admins are still necessary to keep the group running and chaos at bay. They moderate social media, manage the groups, set up larger events, and coordinate with RT and many of community groups to make fun things happen! Basically, they make sure everything is held together with glue and duct tape.